Die Als-ob-Struktur von Emotikons im WWW und in anderen Medien

Autoren: Christian Trautsch, Yixin Wu
[erschienen in: Bildtheoretische Ansätze in der Semiotik (Themenheft zu IMAGE 16)]

Schlagwörter: Emotikon, Smiley, Internetkommunikation, Mimik, Gestik

Disziplinen: Bildsemiotik, Mediensemiotik

Our article has discussed the as-if structure of emoticons on internet and other media. It has shown that both the form (syntax) and the meaning of emoticons (semantics and pragmatics) are dependent on the occurrence of real facial expressions in the natural and social context. On the indexical and symbolic level, however, an unlimited number of mentefacts (comics, television, etc.) are represented. For this understanding of the iconic emoticons, the focus will be placed on the results of research on facial expression. Indexical emoticons are closely related to human gestures. Thus, symbolic emoticons can be also explained by a reference to verbal signs, pictorial symbols, and symbolic colors.