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Als das Bild aus dem Rahmen fiel. Drei Tagungsberichte aus einem trans- und interdisziplinären Feld

Author: Maria Schreiber
[published in: IMAGE 20 (Ausgabe Juli 2014)]

Based on a review of three conferences I attended, this paper is shedding light on current key issues in interdisciplinary research on image, iconicity and related practices. I will focus on (1) the relevance of technologies in the context of photography and visualization, (2) artistic research and (3) the art of research, or how various modes of generating knowledge persist within a trans- and interdisciplinary field. Throughout disciplines, a theoretically informed and historically-culturally situated analysis of pictures is required to get deep into specific contexts, focus on iconicity’s mutual relation with materiality/mediality and keep in mind the linking of (mental) images and (material) pictures. A discussion on how these demands are considered in various methodic ways seems to be desirable, but has not yet taken place.

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