Geschichte, Rezeption und Wandel der Fernsehserie

Autor: Katharina Schulz
[erschienen in: IMAGE 15 (Ausgabe Januar 2012)]

Schlagwörter: Fernsehen, Fernsehserie, Serialität, Konvergenz

Disziplinen: Geschichte, Medientheorie

Since the 1990s, television series are in transition from low-budget productions towards complex and costly projects that can easily compete with blockbuster movies. First of all, the following essay will outline this development and attempt to illustrate the history of serials beginning with soap-operas. Another part focuses on the social relevance of this particular TV format and the changes that were introduced by the technological progress of the last ten years. Finally, the term ›Quality TV‹ will be explained and discussed. In addition, the resulting changes in the consumers’ view of televised serials will be portrayed and examined.


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