Born in the Streets – Meaning by Placing

Autor: Marcel Heinz
[erschienen in: Poster-Vorträge zu "Ursprünge der Bilder" (Themenheft zu IMAGE 15)]

Schlagwörter: Wahrnehmung, Atmosphären, Bild, Raum, Performativität, Handlung, Praxis

Disziplinen: Kunstwissenschaft, Philosophische Anthropologie, Urbanistik, Phänomenologie, Soziologie, Ästhetik

The following essay is about my ongoing research in the field of street art, the global urban picture movement. From a philosophical, anthropological view my questions focus the placing in public space as crux between pictures and meaning—but not in a cognitive or hermeneutic way. My thesis is, that meaning is created by placing these artefacts. The consequence is a term of picture which includes beneath the artefact, the atmospheric scene of the street, the geographical view of pedestrians and other artefacts positioning towards the first street art work and the picture of retention. Creating the image of the city this type is strongly manipulated by digital media. My thesis is, that these pictures prove, that the ›homo pictor‹ is able to choose spontaneously how to transform worlds through pictures in a historically discontinuous way. This requests a new competence of judging pictures outside of institutions and media which prepared our cognition before. Facing the ubiquity of pictures to consume, people are thrown into a new role after the user. Being able to transform through an acting way of perception, man becomes producer.


Volltext des Artikels:

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