Modifikationen eines Mythen-Patchworks. Ludonarratives Worldbuilding in den Star Wars-Spielen

Autor: Andreas Rauscher
[erschienen in: IMAGE 20 Themenheft (Juli 2014)]

The article examines the Star Wars galaxy as a prototype of transmedia worldbuilding strategy. In contrast to closed authored transmedia worlds such as The Lord of the Rings or The Matrix, the Star Wars universe created new kernels that distanced themselves from the segments authorized by self-proclaimed auteur and producer George Lucas. One of the most significant examples of the so-called Expanded Universe provides the role-playing video game The Old Republic (2011– ). This branch of the pop-cultural mythological patchwork is discussed in relation to the analytic model of transmedia world established by Susana Tosca and Lisbeth Klastrup, extended by Michael Bachtin’s chronotopos of adventure time in order to enable a more differentiated terminology for temporary aspects of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

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