Ästhetik und Pragmatismus. Zur funktionalen Relevanz einer nicht-diskursiven Formauffassung bei Cassirer, Langer und Krois

Autor: Martina Sauer
[erschienen in: IMAGE 20 (Ausgabe Juli 2014)]

Ernst Cassirer as well as his followers the American philosopher Susanne K. Langer and John M. Krois postulate a non-discursive and functional relevance of forms. Exposed by the arts this assumption proves to be valid for all kinds of life (man, animals, and plants) as well as the machines (technics). Herein, the nearness to pragmatism becomes obvious. But the significance of symbolic meaning man is putting forth depends not only on relational-logical actions but vital-affective (emotional) aspects. In conclusion the notion of aesthetics changes too. Its relevance for actions shall be shown by the following research work.

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