Editorial Staff
The editing of the e-journal IMAGE. Journal of Interdisciplinary Image Science is carried out by the editorial committee in co-operation with the Herbert van Halem publishing house. The editorial committee is responsible for ensuring the quality of all published articles. For this reason, all submitted papers will be assessed after being categorized according to discipline and subject. In this, the publishers are supported by an active advisory board.

Manuscripts can be submitted in any of the common languages of academic study. Every paper must include an English abstract. Papers written in a language other than German will be published in their original language.

Every paper will be anonymized and assessed ("peer review") by at least two members of the advisory board. A manuscript will be accepted if they suggest publication in principle. The recommendation can be without reservations (“accept”), with minor reservations (“minor revisions”) or with major reservations (“major revisions”). For recommendations with minor revisions, the publishers decide whether the desired conditions are fulfilled after rework. A recommendation with major reservations requires a fresh assessment.

Reports will comment on content, method, didactics, innovation and quality of the manuscript according to a defined scheme. The peer review will run to one or two pages, as a rule. After receiving a verdict, authors will be given the opportunity to examine the review.

In case of acceptance the publishers agree upon an editor to revise the manuscript in cooperation with the authors and to adapt it to the journal’s guidelines. For themed volumes, one editor will be in charge of all contributions. Revisions of the manuscript are permissible and should be made in consultation with the editor.

Once the necessary revisions are made and the conditions are fulfilled, at least two of the publishers will have to pass the paper for press after which it will be released. Readers with standing orders will be informed by e-mail. New publications will be announced in the VIB's newsletter. New publications within the journal will be highlighted and will include author and title.

The article will be publicly accessible and readers will have the opportunity to post comments. In cooperation with the editor, the author will have the opportunity to revise his article according to these comments.

Contributions will be regularly integrated into the journal’s data base. For this purpose they might be arranged according to subject, given page numbers and converted into pdf-files. This is exclusively done by the Herbert van Halem publishing house. Afterwards, the articles will remain publicly accessible in the archive and connected with an DOI-number.

By this, the copyright on the articles is transferred to the Herbert van Halem publishing house. The articles remain for members of the VIB for the time being freely accessible.