Theoretische und methodologische Perspektiven des Multimodalitätskonzepts aus linguistischer Sicht

Autoren: John A. Bateman, Janina Wildfeuer
[erschienen in: IMAGE 28 (Ausgabe Juli 2018)]

The article deals with fundamental and broadly discussed issues within the paradigm of multimodal analysis concerning how the intersemiotic interplay of semiotic resources constructs meaning. Taking a specifically linguistic focus on theories and methods within this paradigm, the article orientates particularly towards discourse analytical and text linguistic accounts which aim at a theoretically and methodologically fine-grained account of the notions of semiotic mode and medium. The central idea is that reconstructing semiotic modes as theoretically tightly interwoven bundles of material, form and dynamic discourse semantics provides a suitable foundation for fine-grained empirical analysis, which in turn allows a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the theoretical constructs proposed.

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