›Grammaticalization‹ within Pictorial Art? Searching for Diachronic Principles of Change in Picture and Language

Autor: Sonja Zeman
[erschienen in: IMAGE 14 (Ausgabe Juli 2011)]

Schlagwörter: Grammatikalisierung; Geschichte der Bilder; diachrone Bildwissenschaft; Semiose (grammaticalization, history of pictures; diachronic image science; semiosis)

Disziplinen: Linguistik, Semiotik, Archäologie (linguistics, semiotics, archeology)

Based on theoretical and methodological considerations regarding the interrelationship between picture and language with respect to their diachronic development, the article deals with the question whether and to what extent the process of grammaticalization as a general principle of language change can be likened to the development of narrative pictures. Against this background, it is argued with respect to a broader perspective of image science that a level of comparison for picture and language can be found within a functional-relational semiotic account.


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