Als ob die Sinne erweitert würden... Augmented Reality als Emotionalisierungsstrategie

Autor: Sascha Demarmels
[erschienen in: Bildtheoretische Ansätze in der Semiotik (Themenheft zu IMAGE 16)]

Schlagwörter: Out-of-Home-Displays, Public Screens, Codes / Kodes / semiotische Ressourcen, Emotionalisierung / Emotionalisierungsstrategien, Augmented Reality

Disziplinen: Sprachwissenschaft, Bildwissenschaft, Semiotik, Textlinguistik

In the public sphere, advertising media wrestles for our attention. Besides attractive contents innovative communication forms are demanded as well. In this essay I attend the development of codes in Out-of-Home areas and consider the multimodal communication of posters and public screens and displays. The original means of expression like writing, images, and color were complemented some years ago by illumination and movement of advertising media. That tendency results in the moving image, as screens and displays offer a large variety of opportunities, which exceeds the traditional poster easily. Further possibilities are provided by modern computer technology: the image of reality is augmented by virtual elements – Augmented Reality. After considerations about the emotionalization of traditional posters, I examine in what respect Augmented Reality is such a strategy aiming to evoke emotions in its observers on purpose. To do so I highlight various examples and discuss how they arouse our attention, entertain us, and create emotions in us.