Osman Hamdi Beys Türkische Straßenszene. Der Teppich als Verhandlungsort kultureller Identitäten im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert

Autor: Anna Christina Schütz
[erschienen in: IMAGE 28 Themenheft (Juli 2018)]

The article deals with the so-called ›oriental rug‹ as a topic in art history and as motif in painting during the 19th century. On the one hand, the carpet seems to be a basis for the construction of national identities. On the other hand, it could be understood as a hinge, connecting different paradigms of representation. First, I will analyze Osman Hamdi’s painting called Turkish Street Scene. The next step will be the introduction of the carpet as a collector’s item and as a topic in German art history. Finally, I will compare the rug as a motif in French and Ottoman painting. The article aims to establish the ›oriental rug‹ as a reflexive figure: its representation generates reflections about line and color, surface and space, perspective and ornament. After all, the borders between the own and the other are dissolved.

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