Bewegter Holzschnitt und Film. Bewegungsdarstellungen in der frühen Druckgrafik Ernst Ludwig Kirchners

Autor: Mirela Ramljak Purgar
[erschienen in: IMAGE 31 (Januar 2020)]

In the text we try to point out essential aspects that connect the early graphic image of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner with the problem of the visual representation of movement, which caught our attention in his woodcuts, but also in texts in which the artist explains his own work. We observe this work in connection with the appearance of the early film. We will uncover a connection between chosen early Kirchner's woodcuts and the expressive material of the early film, through the affinity of the two media in overcoming the representational crisis associated with the time of modernism. Although the technical aspect of the woodcut is related to the way in which motion is depicted, it is undoubtedly linked to the new way of perceiving – the perception of the film medium. We will connect Kirchner's early woodcuts with Gilles Deleuze's and Erwin Panofsy's theoretical analysis.

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