Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications
[2004] [9780716701101]

Autor: Anderson, John R.

Erscheinungsort: New York

Verlag: Worth Publishers

Disziplin: psychology

Schlagworte: cognitivedevelopment,objects,memory,knowledge,problemsolving,image


According to Piaget, an infant enters the world lacking most basic cognitive competencies and passes through a series of stages in which the child develops more and more adequate bases for representing the world and reasoning about it. In constructing such an understanding , Piaget thought that the child is consistently trying to adapt to the world around him in ever more satisfactory ways. This reference is all about Cognitive Development. First it starts with the basics, how it all began. Then it introduces the great man Jean Piaget the father of cognitive studies. The subject starts with a brief outline of Piaget's stages of development and continues with a study of certain tasks to support Piaget's stages of development. The tasks are Hidden Objects, Conservation, Transitive Inference and Balance-scale task. The next chapter will focus on what really develops in a child as a result of cognition, a child's Memory, a child's Knowledge representation and a child's Problem Solving skills. Finally it looks at how these tasks can be explained in information processing terms. This reference will include some of the experiments conducted by Piaget and conclusions made from those experiments.

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