Imagination, Philosophy and the Arts
[2003] [9780415305167]

Autor: Ball, Carlos A.; McIver Lopes, Dominic

Herausgeber: McIver Lopes, Dominic

Verlag: Routledge

Disziplin: Philisophie,philosophy

Schlagworte: bild,image

Imagination is a central concept in aesthetics with close ties to issues in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language. This text represents the work of 15 young yet distinguished philosophers of art, who critically examine just how and in what form the notion of imagination illuminates fundamental problems in the philosophy of art. The book falls in three parts: emotional imagination, fiction-making imagination and sensory imagination. The volume opens up several new frontiers that will attract substantial interest in philosophers of art, as well as philosophers working on mental representation, emotion theory, perception and fiction. These papers make a large contribution to developing our understanding of "imagination" in new directions and setting the research agenda for the next decade. Contributors: Berys Gaut, Stacie Friend, Peter Goldie, James Shelley, Saam Trivedi, Matthew Kieran, Derek Matravers, Kathleen Stock, Eileen John, Roman Bonzon, Dominic McIver Lopes, David Davies, Christopher Williams, Tamar Szabo Gendler, Robert Hopkins and Gregory Curry. pixel

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