Philosophical and Literary Pieces (1939)
[2003] [9781843713135]

Autor: Alexander, Samuel

Herausgeber: Slater, John

Erscheinungsort: London

Verlag: The Thoemmes Libraries

Disziplin: Philosophy,Literature

Schlagworte: philosophy,literature

Philosophical and Literary Pieces, an excellent compilation of addresses and journal articles published after Alexander's death. Some of Alexander's most interesting philosophical work can be found here, such as 'The Mind of a Dog', 'Dr Johnson as a Philosopher', 'Art and Instinct', 'Value' and 'Spinoza and Time'. Edited by his executor John Laird, the volume includes his extensive Memoir, containing enlightening anecdotes and extracts from correspondence, and a bibliography of Alexander's writings.

eingetragen von: Sylvia Meyer