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Images are the Limit
[2001] [3934601340]

Autor: Schindler, Richard

Erscheinungsort: Jena

Verlag: IKS Garamond

Disziplin: Bildwissenschaft,Kunst,Bildtheorie

Schlagworte: art,violence,death

In our cities, the socially regulated treatment of street trash is faced with an individual and all too human activity, one which leads to a revealing production of images that is exciting to observe. Taken seriously, these street images, which are very well known, offer the chance of an artistic reconstruction that allows the development of a new theory of the image. All the contributions in this book demonstrate that, evidently, images (artistic images too) emerge whenever a symbolic reintegration of the discarded seems necessary. The texts on Jasper Johns (from the art domain) and Jan Philipp Reemtsma (from the media domain) show that the process of becoming an image implies a threatening drama for us, a drama that becomes apparent not only (and certainly not just) with the handling of nuclear waste (Nuclear Waste Transport Capsule). Regarded as exhibitions in public space, these urban image stagings are concerned with the power of images, the suppression and acceptance of death, and the hope for a paradise. - Images are the limit.

Richard Schindler: visual artist, Freiburg i.Br., Germany

eingetragen von: Richard Schindler