A New Theme for Educating New Engineers: Computational visualistics

Autor: Schirra, Jörg R.J.

Disziplin: Computervisualistik

Schlagworte: ausbildung

A multimedia degree program for educating new engineers for new themes is described. The subject of Computational Visualistics was introduced at the University of Magdeburg, Germany, in the fall of 1996. This five­year diploma program has computer science courses as its core: students learn about digital methods and electronic tools for solving picture­related problems. The techno­ logical areas of endeavour are complemented by courses on pictures in the humanities. In addition to learning about the traditional (ie not computerised) contexts of using pictures, students intensively practice their communicative skills. As the third component of the program, an application subject such as medicine gives students an early opportunity to apply their knowledge in that they learn the skills needed for co­operating with clients and experts in other fields. We present Computational Visualistics in the context of recent discussions on reducing the separation between the two cul­ tures as described by C.P. Snow.

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eingetragen von: PD Dr. Jörg R. J. Schirra