Nicht-fiktive transmediale Welten. Neue Ansätze für den Journalismus in Zeiten der Medienkonvergenz

Autor: Hanne Detel
[erschienen in: IMAGE 20 Themenheft (Juli 2014)]

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The concept of ›transmedial worlds‹ has mainly been discussed in the context of imaginary worlds. This raises the question of whether it is possible to transfer the concept to non-fictional, journalistic content, giving new impetus to journalism for an in-depth reporting style. In this article, a case study of the project The Secret Wars is used to illustrate how a non-fictitious world can be delineratred, explored, and used for transmedia reporting. For the project, a team of journalists from North German Broadcasting Corporation and the Süddeutsche Zeitung worked together for about 1.5 years, revealing how the ›war on terror‹ is controlled from German territory.