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Farid I Kandil: Born and raised in Düsseldorf (FRG), studied Psychology concentrating on Experimental Neuropsychology (Profs. E.R. Wist and P. Stoerig) and Brain Research (Prof. G. Rehkämper).

Diplom (M.Sc.) in Psychology in 1998.

Social Year as Clinical Neuropsychologist in the university hospital of Düsseldorf.

Between 1999 and 2002 PhD thesis (Dr.rer.nat., Biology) in the lab of Prof. M. Fahle in Bremen (FRG) about Figure-Ground Segregation Based on Temporal Cues.

Half a year as a post-doc at UCL’s Psychology in London (Dr. Z. Li).

Since July 2003 as a post-doc in Prof. M. Lappe’s unit in Münster (FRG).

Research Interest

The interaction between motion and form detectors, and especially the mechanisms underlying form from motion and form from temporally asynchronous presentations. I study these using classical form-from-motion as well as spatio-temporal interpolation displays.

In order to characterise detectors involved in these tasks I focus on temporal aspects and their mon/binocularity.

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