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Simon Ruschmeyer: I’m a filmmaker/ artist/ researcher, working on the interception of moving media (film & video) and digital technology (internet & visual effects).

My love for film was born at a foreign semester at the Film&Television Institute India, Pune in 2004. There I shot my first short film, which was presented at the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2005. Back in Germany I finished my studies in media art & theory at University of Siegen, and moved to Berlin, where I’m situated today.

I really love to work both in practical filmmaking as well as in academic research, which broadens my horizon everyday. I work as a director in Berlin for GrankHotelPicutes and independent productions. My research is based at the chair for Multimedia Systems of Professor Jens Schröter at the University of Siegen, where I work as academic assistant. I’m publishing my thoughts on my blog Movingweb, with my work collective Filmforest, in PAGE and other magazines, as well as on conferences and talks.

Subjects I’m interested in range from the convergence of moving media, the influence of digital technology on artist practise as well as on everyday communication, visual stereotypes and new explorations in storytelling.

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