Warlords and Presidents. Eine Analyse visueller Diskurse in The Situation Room

Autoren: Susana Barreiro Pérez, Marcel Wolfgang Lemmes, Stephan Ueffing
[erschienen in: IMAGE 25 (Ausgabe Januar 2017)]

This article analyses the way politics and the military are interconnected in contemporary political discourse by means of the popular photography The Situation Room. By doing so, the interdependency of ›9/11‹, the ›war on terror‹, and US American politics will be carved out. Furthermore, the iconological characteristics of the photography will be proven to be an important tes-timonial of contemporary history. Based on the theoretical concepts of the ›Feldherrenblick‹ and the ›actuarial gaze‹, our analysis supports the thesis that the strategic communication of the Obama administration aims for the creation or rather the maintenance of a ›threat society‹.