Das Phaneron und das Archiv. Zur Anatomie von Future Image

Autor: Elize Bisanz
[erschienen in: IMAGE 30 (Juni 2019)]

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Images exhibit more than idetic and chromatic information. As signs they embody an object, a representamen, and an interpretant; furthermore, within the process of semeiosis, images activate a network of complex processes such as emotions, memories, which also emerge into the sign meaning texture. These relational interactions of meaning levels have also immediate impact on the image identity. Based on Warburg’s and Peirce’s concepts of Distanzbewußtsein and Phaneron, the following paper argues that aesthetic images
show special cases of triadic relational meaning texture. Furthermore, it confronts these concepts with Virtual Reality to filter out the unique features of aesthetic reasoning and its role in forming, memorizing, transferring and anticipation
of Future Images.