»One day, I would go there...«. Fantouristische Praktiken im Kontext transmedialer Welten in Literatur, Film und Fernsehen

Autor: Raphaela Knipp
[erschienen in: IMAGE 20 Themenheft (Juli 2014)]

This article investigates the phenomenon of fictional media tourism, people who travel to places associated with books, films, television series or other media texts. Although these touristic engagements with media texts have become a recent topic within the academic discourse, still very little is known about the fan tourists’ experience and perception when visiting those places. Drawing on ethnographic and empirical data, it will be argued that fictional media tourism can be considered as a specific form of media appropriation by which transmedial storyworlds are re-staged and re-experienced in a spatial and material way, involving the body and the senses.

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