weiß zwischen schwarz zwischen weiß – Geschichten von Identität im Bild

Autor: Leonie Licht
[erschienen in: IMAGE 28 Themenheft (Juli 2018)]

Productions of artistic imagery represent a form of cultural expression and, as such, an identity. Within local or social fields they become their specific form of expression and develop aesthetics that re-inscribe themselves into a collective memory. With this potential they make concrete a concept of the ›own‹ and the ›other‹. If these two collide within one image, they disrupt how it is received and interpreted: the construction of identity within, and through, the image becomes doubtful. Consequently, the role of the image changes. In its ambiguity, it no longer shows just a mask as a metaphor for the world, but also what lies behind. It is an expression referring to more than just itself.

Volltext des Artikels:

05_IMAGE 28_Themenheft_Licht.pdf