Medien im Kreisverkehr. Architektur – Fotografie – Buch

Autor: Rolf Sachsse
[erschienen in: Image 18: Bild und Moderne (Ausgabe Juli 2013)]

The article looks at the exchange between three media of art: the architecture, the photography, and the book. After architecture’s disposal of durability as its main feature, media such as photography and the book advanced to be the major carriers of all messages of building. A model for the exchange of these media among themselves the cricle can be adopted, and as the parameter of any comparison the size was chosen: the built in relation to the draughted design and its publication, then the size of the single photograph and the photo book which can reach enormous measures especially in the field of architectural photography. In the end, there is a new order awaiting for the analogue image media by its digital presentation in the internet.

Volltext des Artikels:

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