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Master of Science in Communication Systems Specialization: Signals and Images Master thesis: Psychophysical experimenting for learning based automated image contrast enhancements, done with radial basis function networks. Signal Processing for Speech, Audio and Acoustics Acoustic echo canceler. Color Imaging White balancing of color by correlation. Models of Biological Sensory-Motor Systems Programing bio - inspired robot on Webots simulator. Robotics 2006 Construction and programming of an autonomous football playing robot, predominant responsibility for processing the image streams perceived by the camera. Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures Paper about an economic model for the Swiss mobile market. Adaptive Signal Processing Noise reduction in speech signals and noise filtering of a track using a Kalman filter. Advanced Internetworking Setup an Internet Service Provider with VoIP service. Digital Photography Content-based image retrieval, a color based comparison for the recognition of similar pictures. Color Reproduction Programming of an interactive interface measuring the scales of gray and color equidistantly perceived by human. Industrial Automation Planning of the control system for a micro turbine using a secure control and command equipment, an interactive human interface and an automated maintenance service. (sms based) Introduction to Information Systems Gathering of specific data from the web and combining them to form a database (PostgreSQL). Subjoining of different categories of data from other teams and set-up of a web service.