Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design
[1996] [0415106001]

Autor: Kress, Gunther R.

Verlag: Rouotledge

Disziplin: Kunst,art

Schlagworte: bild,image

By looking at the formal elements and structures of design (colour, perspective, framing and composition) this text examines the ways in which images communicate meaning. Drawing on a range of examples (childrens drawings, textbook illustrations, photojournalism, advertising images and fine art, as well as three-dimensional forms such as sculpture and architecture) the authors demonstrate the differences and the similarities between the grammar of language and that of visual communication. As we move from a culture dominated by language to one in which visual literacy becomes increasingly important, this book provides a "tool-kit" for reading images. It is aimed at anyone interested in communication, the media and the arts.

eingetragen von: Sylvia Meyer